How to give a thank you speech

    There are times when you will be called up on stage to give a speech, but nothing can be more fulfilling than to be given the opportunity to express your gratitude for a well-deserved award.Oftentimes, you get to participate in a prestigious event and sometimes when you least expect it, you get recognized for exemplary work that you have done and of course, a fitting award to acknowledge your selfless efforts.But as you go up the stage or the podium, it would be best if you have something to talk about, people to thank and the support that you have received. Here are some valuable tips on how to prepare and give a thank you speech. Here are four points that you can prepare ahead of time. You can keep a handy notepad or a small notebook with you and prepare a simple four-point outline that can be very valuable at any given moment.

    Always remember to make your thank you speech short but meaningful.

     Acknowledge the support provided by your companyAlways remember that the key to your success lies in the opportunity provided to you by the company you are working for. If you have been assigned a task and you excel at it, then it would be fitting to thank the company that gave you that opportunity.Start with a general acknowledgment of your gratitude to your company, followed by your supervisor or direct reports.Mention that you have been provided with the resources that helped you achieve your targets.

    if Have a list of people you want to thank

    Name the people who have been instrumental to the success of a project that earned you your award. If it was a team effort, make sure that you name each of your team members and dedicate the award to them.Mention the specific names of your managers or direct reports that provided you with the support you needed. Never hesitate to call out their names so they, too, can be recognized for their moral and logistical support Never blame anyone for lack of support or for their opposition to your work. This is not the time for petty call-outs or personal tirades agent those who campaigned against you if any.

    if Encourage others to work together

    No man is an island. This is a fact in the workplace as well, as long as you belong to an organization, you always have a support structure that allows you to aim and achieve your goals. Always remember to encourage others to aim big and to always work together. It is always important to remember that you can be someone who can encourage them that nothing is impossible and that they can achieve what you have done as well.

    if Give an inspiring quote

    Prepare two or three quotable quotes from famous personalities that you can mention for your thank you speech.  Those may be words to live by that could serve as their guiding beacon so that they, too, may also be  able to aim big.