How to write an award winning short story

    There are writers and there are exceptional writers. The reason why a distinction has to be made is because there are average and creative ones.Writing is exclusively a product of the brain. It’s your mind that shapes ides,create thoughts and weave its magic with pen and paper.

    What is writing?

    Writing is an art that can bring out the best in people and shape good ideas from it. When it becomes a passion, writing brings out the best in people.There are a lot of creative writers out there who have their own styles of writing. There are also award-giving bodies that recognize good writing output.Imagine how truly rewarding can a writing award get when you get to be recognized for exceptional work that you have done and waiting to share that prestige with the rest of the world.If you are a writer and would like to give yourself a try at writing award-winning short stories, go ahead and give it a try.

    Develop your plot and create a good concept

    It would be good to start with an idea, a story that you would like to explore and write about. There are a lot of ideas that you can think about that can help you start your writing. Are you thinking of an era? A recent story that you think is worth writing? A story idea that you think could generate good reviews and responses?Can the plot be interesting or captivating enough? Think of a concept that you may feel comfortable with and you may be able to take off from there.

    Establish your genre

    When you are done with your concept, you may want to consider focusing on a genre. Are you thinking about a true story? Are you inspired by a fictional character? How about magic and sorcery? You can also try romance or appeal to the sensibilities of your readers. You can also try and explore science and research on modern-day discoveries that you think everyone will come to love.How about a crime story or a mysterious case that has not been solved for years?There are a lot of ideas that you can think about. But make sure to mix it all up, if possible, focus on one particular genre to avoid confusion among your potential readers.

    Create an outline and organize your thoughts

    It is important that you establish a good outline for your stories. There are times when ideas would just come out freely, but unless you have an outline, your ideas may sometimes cause you to overload your stories with multiple plots or ideas that may be too overbearing.Have a scrapbook or a sketchpad with you where you could write down ideas first before organizing them. You get to develop integrity in the flow of ideas when you have your outline. It will help you identify what ideas are appropriate and what’s not. Once you have established these, then you are ready to craft your award-winning short story. Let your mind run wild and free. Let your creativity work for you.