How to present an award

    Consider it an honor to be called to present an award to a distinguished individual or colleague. You may not be aware of it, but the prestige is more than what you would expect. Companies and organizations value the work and contribution of key individuals that resulted in the success of their goals. Some provided valuable work that allowed their companies to grow. Studies have consistently shown that recognizing the efforts of people inspires them to achieve more and do more in the future. It gives them the satisfaction that they are being appreciated for their work. When you are asked to present an award, remember that you become a part of that awarding history. You get the honor of being the first to announce the recognition even before the awardee gets to be aware of it.There is always an element of surprise for most of these awarding ceremonies because the awardee does not get to know if he or she would receive an award, but for instances where the awardees are informed and the program is ceremonial, you may still be able to provide a good recognition and presentation of the awards.Here are some useful tips to do in order to make your contribution as a presenter meaningful and sincere.

    Ask for a profile of the awardee

    Ask the program coordinator or production manager to provide you with a personal and corporate profile of the awardee. You can also request for notable achievements and details of the award that may be received and the reason behind the recognition. You may want to have a small piece of paper to prepare an outline of what you need to say. Make sure if there are specific details that the organizers would need for you to mention, so make sure to pay careful attention to the instructions.

    Always recognize achievements.

    When you are called up on stage to present the awards, walk up the stage with confidence and your head held high. If you are walking up the steps, make sure to be careful with your steps and as you reach the rostrum, inhale deeply and prepare to speak confidently. Never forget to mention the achievements of the awardee or the details of the introduction that is needed.

    Share the pride

    As you call on the awardee, take a step back from the rostrum and wait for the awardee to approach and give a firm handshake while looking at them straight in the eyes and make them feel you are sharing their pride.Stand behind the awardee as they take their place in the rostrum and deliver their thank you speech. Do not leave the stage even while the awardee is still delivering the speech.

    Show respect

    Avoid unnecessary gestures onstage and when the speech is done, reach out for another handshake and congratulate the awardee. Sincerely say your thanks to the awardee and make sure to look straight in the eye to show your sincerity.Be the last person to leave the stage.