How to get awards

    Wouldn’t it be nice to get an award? To be recognized and receive an honorable mention for a job well done or a selfless contribution that made people’s lives better.Getting an award may not pay much, but the accomplishment of receiving a prestigious award is priceless and immeasurable- one that cannot be compared with the value of money.Unlike the value of monetary incentives, whose value get lost when it is spent and removed from your hands, the value of an award is an achievement for which value lasts a lifetime.But you don’t have to be a prize-winning scientist or a founder of a charitable institution to be able to get good accolades. Today, many if not all, companies value the efforts and contributions of individuals who do their share of work that help promote better business, improved productivity and accomplished goals.Whether large or small, companies now value the people and their contribution to work and will take every measure to have these people rewarded for their accomplishments and performance.Here are a few helpful tips on how you can personally get awards and who knows, you might be the next in line.

    Be the best that you can be

    Go beyond expectations, surpass challenges and weather crisis. These are values that let you stand above the rest. These are the qualities of true winners in their respective fields. Some people feel that they could not excel at something they are not good at, but that’s where the challenge starts. The man is gifted with the ability to adapt, survive and excel. Nobody can be perfect in what they do, but it does not give you an excuse not to try.

    Inspire others to achieve

    Make a mark and create an impression on the people surrounding you. Leadership skills are not given at birth, it’s a quality that is earned over time and experience. You are not a leader because you are a supervisor or a manager, but you are a leader because people look up to you to lead them. You also do not have to be a leader to influence others. You can be a role model that others would be inspired to follow

    Exceed expectations

    Do not expect to be recognized for accomplishing something that is expected of you, like finishing your work on time or meeting your quota for sales. A pat on the back or a simple ‘thank you’ would be enough. After all, your quota is your expected goal and that is an expectation at the minimum level, anything short of that could be unacceptable. But an exemplary performance is something that goes beyond the limits of expectations. You exceed your goals and accomplish more. You close more deals and generate more sales than you can imaine. That is a mark of a true award-winning candidate.

    Be better than the best

    If you feel that you have achieved more, take a step further and aim for a better one. Nobody is perfect but always aim to be better than your best. Then someday, you’d be surprised that you get called up the stage to claim your award.